To have and to hold!


What is it with weddings that gets us all teary-eyed; well, some of us! Is it the way they look into each others eyes as they say their vows or  is it just watching other people cry. That certainly sends me into a mini sob! (yes i am that person behind you in the cinema sniffing away!)

As you have obviously gathered I was at a wedding recently; my granddaughter got married (I know, I look good for my age!). Attending weddings is  a luxury in the UK. It’s not like in Africa, well Zimbabwe to be precise where , try as you might to stick to a guest list you are most likely to have double the intended attendance. In the UK, 200 guests means exactly that. I had the privilege of being a witness to the commencement of my grandchild’s new life as a married woman.

The current verdict on marriage is hardly encouraging and the celebrities do not do us any favours really. Can we go through a month without talk or mere whispers of  a messy divorce? I have observed in my years of  living  that the journey to the union of marriage varies for so many people and is not so important as is the mindset that you carry through into the marriage and the choices that you make in it. One thing that resonated with me on this day was something that the Pastor said. I cannot remember it word for word but he said something to the effect that marriages do not fail, people fail!

I have come to realise that there is hardly any advise that you will hear that you haven’t heard before or haven’t thought through yourself. But somehow we get caught up in the daily grind of life, we forget! It is not just that we attend weddings to bear witness to the ceremony and of course celebrate the beautiful union; it is also a great reminder to us of why we got married in the first place and what it actually means to be married.

Undoubtedly marriage can be taxing, as is any relationship. But through it all we build on the love that got us to this place, we create beautiful memories, bring new life into this world and we endure all the trials of this world knowing that we have someone to lean on.


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  1. its true,wittnessing a marriage always reminds us of the things that we sometimes forget because of being busy-the love of course.

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