Black Fog


It creeps on you when you least expect it. You could have just taken a nap and when you wake up you’re just feeling low. Where does that come from? It’s like a dark cloud has just descended and will not stop following you around. And it’s not something you can just shrug off. You start to get all these little niggly feelings; feelings that suddenly become real issues. Issues you have to deal with.

I haven’t had this feeling in a long time but I suddenly felt sleepy around 9pm (very rare I’m usually up till 4am). And when I woke up it was like someone had eaten all my strawberry cheesecake!  Weird.


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  1. maybe you need a holiday – somewhere in the sun. or it could be low blood sugar in which case having the strawberry cheesecake would be a good idea.
    Send me a slice 🙂

  2. Its called grumpiness, quite common, but dont worry as you are not the only one. Its usually best to: check your sleep patterns, do some exercise, explore stress, avoid negativity, have fun, revive spiritual practice, take a mini break, check your goals, eat better, check your health, help others, take time for you and play with kids. ..

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