What’s the meaning of Life?


About an hour or so ago, I heard some commotion outside and chose to ignore it? After a while I heard screams and wailing and looked out to see a bunch of children huddled around someone lying on the floor. Everyone and everything seemed frantic and I stood there for about 5 minutes watching wondering what had gone on. It looked like there’d been a fight, certainly sounded like it earlier and I thought to myself was it a stabbing or a fist fight, boy or girl? The boy (found out later), must have passed out at some point because there was wailing . It is at this point that I decided to call 999. I wasn’t sure any of them had and I certainly didn’t want to feel guilty later if something tragic were to have happened.
Once the ambulance had arrived and I was alone with my thoughts again I started to ask myself why I’d stood there and watched for that long before calling for an ambulance. As I stood watching, a lady from across the street shouted out “that’s the ill of teenage drinking!” could that be it? I just figured it’s a teenage thing so no need to stress myself? Is that what we have become? Citizens unconcerned with the growing ills of the youth? Teenage stabbings and drinking have become so “popular “we don’t even bat our eye lids and they are certainly not news worthy anymore. But given that we watch tailor-made news with all the trimmings you’d think that society solved this one sometime last year.
I am raising a daughter in this very society where so many ills have just become something we read in the paper or watch on the news and we just roll our eyes and say “not again?”! have we been reduced to people who wake up and go to work, pay our bills, eat, sleep, wake up and do it all again. What is the meaning of life, what does it mean to be alive? Do we have a purpose anymore or are we just happy to exist; locked away in our homes far from the sirens and madness of the “decaying society”.
The reality about life is that a problem is never really a problem until it is right on your doorstep. It’s never quite personal until it happens to you or someone you love. Granted, in this day and age there is just so much going on that one feels they cannot begin to be concerned about it all. But what about a general consciousness? Are you conscious of the problems teenagers are facing , are you conscious of the challenges their parents face. We live in a world where facts are thrown at us daily and from it we build opinions and perceptions and somehow think that is enough. We don’t have to know everything, we just have to care.
I often wonder what the world I live in would be like if people just cared: Cared about themselves, their family, their neighbours and friends. If there was a shift in the thinking of society at large, the “ills” of the world wouldn’t just be something we read in the papers, it would be something we ought to deal with. And it starts at home. It’s not enough to say that it’s the times we are living in. Care to think of the one crime/sin/immoral behaviour that you find despicable and imagine it so rampant that everyone is just rolling their eyes each time it’s mentioned. Would you be so moved then? Would you care?
I found myself lacking tonight. And although I eventually did something I faced a few home truths. I need to care more. I need to care about myself, my family, my friends; I need to care about humanity. Hopefully in so doing I won’t ever have to question my purpose in life again.


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