Accepting a compliment


Some days ago I read that when we accept a compliment we open ourselves to receiving that which we desire.

Everyday we speak out loud or in our thoughts things that we would like to manifest in our lives . It got me thinking that, some of the things we wish for manifest themselves through compliments. You may want beautiful skin but when someone compliments you on your beauty you feel uncomfortable and mumble some inaudible excuse of a thank you! You might as well say that being beautiful makes you uncomfortable, so why desire it? You want to lose those few pounds BUT when someone compliments you on how great you look lately, you become self-aware. Do you see the disparity?

The compliment is proof that your request wanting soft blemish-free skin or a slender figure – has been answered and is starting to manifest in your life. Your uncomfortable response serves as a rejection of the very thing you want. Sometimes we want things but do not notice their existence in our lives until someone else does i.e compliments us. Without the compliment we could well lose heart, thinking that which we desire is impossible to achieve and quit.

Accepting a compliment is accepting the gift that you religiously asked for and are now rewarded with. Next time someone pays you a compliment, acknowledge it with gratitude and grace. Immerse yourself in it, you deserve it!

Stay blessed!



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