Homage Mr Dickens!


I was nine years old when I got my first copy of “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens. Then, I was an avid Enid Blyton reader. I loved the mysteries and anything with her name on it really . But I loved reading ; so it wasn’t hard to get myself into this classic! It was a Penguin’s children’s illustration but I read each page with fervor!

I had always loved books but there was something about David Copperfield that touched the inner part of me. I didn’t know then who Charles Dickens was but as I read more and more of his books I knew that I was on to a gold mine. I loved words and how you could weave them into a sentence that could speak a million emotions!

I’ve always lived inside my head and David Copperfield allowed me to venture into Victorian times through this young boys eyes and see the social injustices that we still fight today. Charles Dickens’ work was , and is entertaining and meaningful . No doubt his personal experiences had a profound effect on his purpose but his work gave voice to a people considered undeserving of it , highlighting the plight of the working class.

Many authors’ works I have read and been transformed by but Mr Dickens has always stayed with me. I can read his work over and over and somehow always seem to find something new in it.

David Copperfield is like my little bible and 23 years later is still my favorite book of the hundreds I’ve read! Nothing stirs me out of a funk more than retracing this young man’s footsteps from almost certain destitute , through struggles and accomplishments, to a sense of fruitful promise.

Now as we commemorate 200 years of his existence; his very essence lives on through his work. Unsurprisingly, Charles Dickens asked that no public statue be erected In his honour. I can only hope this little devotion doesn’t go a-stretch . Truly though, nothing honors his existence more than the fact that all his work is still in print today.

His last words were ” Be natural my children. For a writer that is natural has fulfilled all the rules of art”

I strive for that everyday!

Thank you Charles Dickens, and thank you David Copperfield!


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