Runaway Mind


Do you ever feel like your brain works faster than the world moves. You get one idea and before you know it you’ve built a universe. I wish I could keep up with my mind; the things I could be doing . Kind of makes me sound like a scatter brain though!

You get one great idea which in turn triggers another idea totally unrelated to the one you started! Get my drift?

I need a mind bank , somewhere to keep all these wonky ideas and I can retrieve them on the odd occasion when my mind is fairly quiet.
There have been times I am up and about with my own self and a thought pops into my head. I know it’s a great one coz my whole self feels all warm and tingly. And as it grows , something catches my attention and I’m on another path . Only to remember that I had a really great idea. Too bad I can’t remember it. Lol!
I’ve tried writing it all down and unfortunately on occasion I don’t write as quickly as it flows . Maybe recording myself ? Sounds a bit much.
I’m resigned to the thought that the ideas that truly matter always linger and grow roots. And the ones that are gone with the wind, were meant for another time !
Phew I made it.
Stay blessed !

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