Morning thoughts!


Like every other morning in the past 6 months I looked down at my ankle . It looked almost normal and I marveled at how good it looked…. Until I looked at the other one and I realized that as much as it looked better it was still swollen and that now-so-normal feeling of despondency enveloped me.

That’s the thing with comparing. Before I looked left my right ankle was great. It masked the trauma it endured!
But can we go through life without comparing ? How then do we know and accept what’s normal and acceptable, even without a peek at the alternative . True, some things cannot be compared no matter how similar they are .
Like my right ankle; under normal circumstances it should look like the left one . But the left one didn’t break! And the left will never be like the right, probably never was!
So I will love my right and my left ankle; for with each I’m still able to stand!

Happy living!


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