Mama schooled!


I’ve become aware that i am maybe a little too helpful with Chloe at times. This is usually brought on by a need a to get things done but appears to be restricting her development.

Yesterday evening she asked me to help her do her one button on her cardigan. Granted its huge and heart shaped but having had these thoughts of over extending myself, I insisted she do it herself. I got the ” I can’t ” protest which got me thinking that she probably uses those two words way too often. She did try and she got it done and was grinning from ear to ear. So now I’m thinking how many little things am I doing for her and inadvertently restricting her progression?

From pregnancy you scour every website and literature lnown to man, devouring all the information and trying to connect it with your little bump. This goes on for the next three years but at some point you stop checking on what they should now be doing and life seems to go on.

You rely on the experience of other mothers within your circle and your daily experiences with your child . You have the nursery too to advise you on her progress and what they expect her to be doing. After the age of three the changes are less physical and this is where what I like to call “parenting by intuition” kicks in.

At this stage my daughter pretty much has her own person. But there is so much going on in her mind that i wish to understand and know. Her sphere of influence continues to grow and on the whole this is good but I don’t want any of that to affect her emotional and mental development

And there i thought all I’d be worried about would be the school she goes to next year and how I’m ever going to get her to eat broccoli!

The journey continues…


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