Ode to Poetry


My love my devotion.
Refuge . Salvation.
My word when I had none to speak
But the raging emotions of an untamed heart.
My love induces me to that place
Where I must uncover the hidden path
Of yesteryear
Fears hidden in the sands and trampled on before I could comprehend,
Now threaten to break the very foundation that keeps me whole.

They say time is a healer
But the pain sips the through the
Umbilical cord of each generation
And we all bare the mark of deceit.

Now you’re looking at me funny.
You ask me what’s wrong
But your eyes betray your thoughts
You want to hear that I am good
You need to know that I am doing fine.
Your pain glistens through the tears that defy gravity
And If I didn’t know you ?
I’d think you cold.

So here’s my poem
I am fine
I am fine, I am fine broken
I am fine whole.
The pain sometimes induces a momentary coma.
And I look like life has barely touched this soul.

But this song is not mine and its sweet melody chokes me into now.
Where the tides rage
But so do they for you.
So I tell you … Again!
I am fine.
I am fine and I am whole.
Because poetry says so!

Brenda Vengesa © 2013


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