Soul provider


In that quiet precious moment.
You saw something in me that
I forever seek in myself
Something that said give this little girl a chance
She’s worth it.
I can’t fathom the loneliness around you.
How much of your future,
your dreams altered, did you see?
But in those moments it was you and me,
Just you and me.
An in those precious moments
We had each other,
We had love
I had love before I knew its breath
It’s effect on the mechanics of the mind
In the noises of my night,
that place becomes my refuge.
When the world is knocking me from all angles
When people seek of me more than they’re willing to sacrifice of themselves
When my cup runneth low
And still someone seeks a sip.
My spirit finds solace in that moment
A baby, carefree and unaware
Of the magnitude of the decision you took to let me breathe.
When you looked at me and said
“I’m going to do my best for you
Just stay with me. ”
And when my arms miss the warmth of your embrace
That moment seeks me out and envelopes me
And whatever it is this life will be.
This moment with you, sums up my all.



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