The Fixer


The fixer!

I’m officially a Scandal addict and look forward to each new episode with vicious anticipation.

Watching Olivia Pope deal with each client’s issues got me thinking of how some people gravitate towards being natural fixers. We all know people like that, always on hand to help out. Some of us are unrepentant fixers; it just comes naturally.

Everyone has issues in their lives, even fixers like Olivia Pope but so often they’re out there helping out other people with little attention to the storm brewing in their own teacups.

It’s tough being a fixer but instinct constantly overrides common sense. Just because you know, love or are related to someone doesn’t mean their problems are yours to fix. But the hardest part for a fixer is not being able to help someone especially one you love. There are things above any fixer, even one of Olivia Pope’s calibre.

But one thing a fixer always needs to know is to take time out for self. You can’t give out something when it’s all spent. The world is full of problems to solve but they aren’t all ours to fix.

Note to self, take a break!

Stay blessed.




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  1. I love it. We’re on the second season…is it also called the Fixer there…thought it ws jus us…

    Post is true though. Guilt bot being selfish and taking time out is huge too. #Gladiators.

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