I have a project I’m working on and for a long time I just couldn’t get started. The usual reasons of not enough hours in the day, too many things on my list always occupied the space in my mind that should have been creating.

But one thing stuck with me when I woke up this morning; i’m so nervous! I’m very passionate about this project and I want it to go right. But the fear of messing it up has gripped me into a state of do-nothing. My mind has then come up with as many excuses not to start but I’m all out. The desire to do this and see it through has exceeded my unfounded fear of failure. And for some reason today, my day has been laid out in such a way that I have all the time to get things done.

Project work recommences today and I’m going to do my best. That’s good enough for me. The rest I leave to the Universe.

Stay blessed and just do it!



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