Growing pains


My thoughts and emotions today are all over the place. Good luck reading.

No more claiming to not be a morning person. 6am starts have sorted that one out. I have a choice here and I want to be as alive as possible so the challenge is to be as bright eyed as is humanly possible.

So I am one of those fussy, emotional mummies. Who knew ! Took me for ever to settle myself and get off that bus. Today’s mantra ? My baby’s going to be ok. First time for everything, right? ( first time putting my daughter on the school bus)

Note to self: Other people are capable of looking out for my child too. Chill!

I can’t celebrate another year of your existence Mum. Memories and emotional recollections be my solitude. What ifs are a momentary relief but your love , now that’s a keeper.

Extra hour to my morning – more writing time!



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