Wise words can sometimes feel like a shouting match
Everywhere you look words of inspiration spit at you like
Mothers , aunties, sisters and friends telling you that man is no good.
You build up a pyramid of ideas ;
make the ancestors proud.
But it crumbles before your eyes;
You built it on sand.
Last night he whispered to me.
No, I’d bought his book.
Read his every word and he told me his story.
Conformity has been my stagnation.
Trying to tell my story within the confines of my target audience
But life is like that crazy man in the street shouting bible verses and profanities in one.
You either state your case in your own words, time and style
Or yours will always be the case of what could have been.
I know I love this; words in multiple mediums.
A book, poem, song or rhyme.
My heart’s in it.
A multitude of emotions and each one is a story in itself.
Who you love, when and why
That’s always been up to me.
Consequences are inevitable but they aren’t the stumbling blocks.
I am.
Ready to to give in before I’d even started.
Prepared for failure before I’ve even put myself forward.
Who knows.
I could be writing this all over again,
Different words, circumstances same emotions.
But today is different,
I’m putting in the work,making it count.
That’s all the success I can handle



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