I am.


Somehow a system designed to keep me down has the propensity to make me great?
Someone’s trippin!
The gatekeepers hold the cards and the keys
I’ve just become great at reading their faces
They say sit back and we’ll fix your life
If their all up in my business who’s taking care of theirs?
Brings a new meaning to caught up in the matrix.
Dangling rights this rights this.
How are you gonna gift me something that’s not yours anyway ?
Crazy isn’t it?
Tax me, work me but I can’t choose who I sleep with?
Church and state, mutually exclusive?
Something’s got to give.
The thing about being a number is no one cares what you think or how you feel.
Use that, they won’t see you coming.
Im not blind or resigned,
I’m just trying to work out how to get up from underneath you.
It takes a strong soul to carry the weight of the worlds bull.
And a little common sense to realise that even pretension costs a lot these days.
The world had me thinking I had a lot of room to make up,
Things to have to give my life meaning
But at each turn, poor as I was
They robbed me blind.
Now my repossession order is out.
Im Taking back all the basics , self image, self respect and dignity , love for self,
And returning all the lies that made me a beggar in my own life.
Life’s promises are etched on the faces of all the faithful.
We just need to scrap through the excess makeup and see each other for what we really are, light chasers.
Do right.
Simplistically put.
But the barriers before me, try to impede my unfolding.
I’ve always been on my path. I just took a few more stops than intended
And now, no matter what’s brought before me,
The truth in me is my only compass.

Brenda Vengesa ©



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