Day dreaming


I’ve been standing so straight my back hurts.
Landed flat on my feet each time, my knees are killing me.
The first cut sank deep I bled dry.
Constantly borrowing love, my transfusions eternal.
Pretended it didn’t hurt for so long I grew numb.
For a split second you were all I could see, breathe.
And now I’m stark naked , raw.
I want you with an aching that’s dissipated all unfeeling.
I’m barely in your universe but when I close my eyes, you’re breathing on my neck , touching me.
I’m infected by your existence.
Your brilliance awakens in me the truth I’d long buried.
I am love, loveable. I do love.
And oh, I want to love you. Consume your every desire.
Let you in, past every barricade and lie detector test.
Free falling!
I’m like a raging bull finely tucked away in a trinket box.
My composure belies the intense passion rising.
You loving me will just be the beginning.
What I have planned will play out in a lifetime.
©bantugoddess 2014



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