Stop, Think… And Feel


A video went viral this Friday showing a nanny abusing a young child. Recent reports state that this happened in Uganda and the nanny has since been arrested.

I personally could not watch the entire video and fast forwarded most parts. I rarely use the word evil but that’s exactly what it looked like to me. I couldn’t help wondering what was going on in her mind as she unleashed slap after slap to a defenseless little face. I imagined that she must be a very unhappy individual, disturbed even. But what disturbed me more was a comment I saw on one of the shared posts. This individual questioned the validity of the video and chastised the many nasty comments about the maid calling it “victimising”. The said individual highlighted two things

1. What had prompted the parents to secretly film the nanny?

2. There is a risk that this will tarnish the image of all nannies and put innocent ones under needless scrutiny.

I am sure as the story unfolds, we will find out. But given how brutal she was in that video it is likely (in my opinion) that the parents had noticed bruises/injuries which the nanny may well have explained away; not to the satisfaction of the parents hence the secret camera.

I was raised in Zimbabwe and with a working mother, the care of my brothers and I was the responsibility of a house girl; women we called Sisi (big sister). They were part of the family and most of them I recall with great fondness. But there is one who left a lot to be desired. My issue with this person’s response was that faced with visual evidence of violent chid abuse, all they could think of was the preservation of their lifestyle.

Nannies are common in many parts of Africa for most families. As a parent raising a child in the UK with no nanny or extended family assistance, I regard these women highly. How they got through all the housework whilst taking care of children every single day is beyond me. They are indeed warriors. But that can never excuse evil behavior. And questioning the parents in this situation is redundant.

I could make assumptions as to why someone would come to this conclusion but I too would be guilty of irresponsible critique. I am all for opinions. After all this is what this piece is. But in that moment, as I watched a young soul receiving a gruesome beat down, my heart went out only to that child. How one can choose to question evidence of blatant abuse is beyond me. If anything, this highlights how evil enters our lives. Were that his/her child I am sure that he/she wouldn’t have had time to process all that dribble.

In that video there were two people that clearly needed help but only one had control over the situation and used it in a most inhumane way. That little girl was entrusted to her and she let the child and herself down. That is the real issue.




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