Sugar Low

Sugar Low

As part of my weight loss  journey I try to have zero carb days on my non workout days. I mentally prepare myself for it, also making sure I have my meals and snacks organised so that I do not reach for something that is a carbohydrate. Now, I have a lot of love for carbs, a little too much maybe, so this exercise is a lot about self control as it is about getting my body to a healthy state.

As I sat down at my desk at work this morning,  I found myself thinking,” its going to be a long day. ” And within a second of that,  a little voice said to me. “You’re lucky it’s  a zero carbs day. That means you still have Proteins, and greens to eat. Needless to say, the pity party was short lived. 

Yes, I am having a zero carbs day, But I am replacing all that with Protein, Veggies, Mushrooms and fats. I have options; not everybody does. The law of relativity brings things into perspective. When you look at your situation in relation to another, its either great or bad. If I see a healthy woman enjoying a red velvet cake, I might feel miserable. But faced with a woman forced to forgo meals so her children can eat, my zero carbs day is a luxury. I chose the latter. 

According to myfitnesspal, I still managed to get some carbs from the vegetables I ate so technically there is no “zero carbs day” but the objective for me is to reduce the levels of sugar in my system and when I’m not having an active day, I go a bit further and eliminate foods high in sugar. This includes fruits and even healthy options such brown rice, sweet potato and butternut squash. I’m getting better at it, and with the day’s meals done I’m proud of myself for sticking it out! 

What changes have you been struggling with? 



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