“The audacious hope of rooted things

“The audacious hope of rooted things

I walked into PoundStretcher (bargain store chain in the UK) one day after work and found rose shoots selling for £4 each. Curious as to whether they could actually take root and grow, I started looking for a couple I could take home. Then I overheard a conversation between two ladies nearby. Like me, one of them wanted to buy, curious as to whether, at that price you could actually raise a rose bush. But her friend said, “You get what you pay for, you know. Do you honestly think that these could take?”

And with that, I decided not to buy any, that day. But it stayed on my mind. Eventually, I went back and got two shoots: They did take root and have even flowered in their first year. It reminded me of a passage in Cynthia Bond’s novel “Ruby” 

“Ruby had felt it then. The audacious hope of rooted things. The innocent anticipation of the shooting stalks, the quivering stillness of the watching trees.” –Cynthia Bond, Ruby

These plants reminded me that it’s not about how people perceive you or what value someone places on you. We all have this intrinsic power within us to Be! I had doubted myself and made a decision on someone else’s perception. How much discouragement we allow to change what are often intuitive decisions! But if it’s what we really want, we need to go for it. No decision is set in stone.

I find great joy in tending to my flowers and vegetable patch. I love the anticipation of waking up to a new plant; vulnerable but strong. It is amazing that a small seed covered with a little dirt grows to become a plant that feeds, shelters, provides beauty. 

 I want in some way to be a rooted thing, audaciously hopeful in my ability to grow into something of great use. 



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