Is it true?

Is it true?

Last night I had a lovely dinner with my dearest friend. I’m often in trainers or flat shoes but thought I’d put on a little heel for my girly night out. 

When I woke up this morning my ankle was a sore which didn’t come as a surprise (I broke it a few years back). As I made my way to the gym the stories started; 

– Was  I going to be able to run on the treadmill today? 

– Maybe I would just do a walk for 30mins instead. 

– Maybe I should reduce my weight on the machine for the leg press today or just skip it all together. 

It was a mind jumble up there. I came so close to throwing out my workout plan to work around my “ankle”. But I soon identified that I was telling myself stories again. I reminded myself that there was nothing physically wrong with my ankle. This was nothing new and without actually trying this out I wouldn’t actually know whether something was wrong. After all, I was mature enough to know when something wasn’t right.

So, I stepped on that treadmill. And lo and behold I had a better session than I’ve ever had. I have been alternating between a run and walk and on two occasions I extended my run by 30 seconds. I was enjoying it so much that I lost track of that timer.  

Just how many things am I holding myself back from because these voices in my head have created a scenario that says “don’t do this, danger lurks!”? This journey has had many light bulb moments for me and it really has become an overhaul of who I am. If you are struggling with these self-limiting stories in your fitness and nutrition, there’s every chance they are there in many facets of your life. 

If your mind tells you something that causes you to rethink your strategy ask yourself: is it true? 
Stay blessed xIMG_6514-0


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  1. Great blog. Reading this just resonated with me. Sometimes you just got to try … Your inner voice can be fearful too .

    Thanks B! Have an awesome week ahead😘

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