Monthly Archives: April 2017

Green fingers: Day 1


So after a couple of weeks of postponing,I finally made in into the garden and did some much needed work. Don’t get me wrong, I love gardening but after a very busy first quarter of the year, I felt like I needed some time to disengage from  anything requiring a lot of effort. 

I’m so glad I did though, being out in the sun (and chilly air 😳) was just what I needed; coupled with some good music, I was in heaven! I had just a few  of things on my to do list; attacking the weeds in  my flowerbeds and along the boundary fence, raking the lawn and potting my seeds.  But  I also managed to unweed my vegetable patch and put some order back in the shed! I just didn’t want to get back in the house. Hunger and fatigue finally got the best of me. 

The most important part is I felt calm, as if the world was spinning a little slower. Nothing really matters to me when I’m in the garden. I can stay in the moment and be present. I’m already looking forward to the weekend just for another dose of fresh air and lightness. 

Feeling blessed!